The Sleep Side Keeper

The Sleep Side Keeper

Maintaining your sleep side with the Sleep Side Keeper translates into NOT SLEEPING ON YOUR BACK. 

Place it on top of the non-slip mat, on the mattress alongside your back. It's that simple !



Adjust the position of the Sleep Side Keeper and, by rolling onto it, see where it works best for you. For some people, the higher or closer to the shoulder it is, the better it feels.


      >  Give it a Try, 

      >  See the difference the next morning.


1. Take the unit out of the case and remove the tab from under the battery.


2. Place the unit back in the case and test it.


3. Place the Sleep Side Keeper on top of the non-slip mat so that it'd be just behind you, alongside your back when you settle in bed.  


 4. Once you settle in bed, roll onto your back and ensure you reach the unit and it gets activated when you apply pressure to it with your back:


Refer to the "PRODUCT INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL" for more instructions.


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