We are a company born out the need to find out about and mitigate the tell tale signals or problems associated with snoring and/or sleep apnea:

1. Sore throat,

2. Dry mouth,

3. Abdominal discomfort and pain upon waking up, and

4. Sleepiness and sluggishness throughout the day.

As a result, two unique products were conceived by a snorer and sleep apnea sufferer, the founder of My Sleep Side LLC. First in line, the Sleep Side Keeper, a non-intrusive device that keeps you from sleeping on your back, and second, the Somniaura pillow designed to really make side sleepers more comfortable, hence provide for longer periods of uninterrupted sleep with 1) A cradle for the chin, 2) A unique feature that minimizes ear contact with the surface of the pillow, and 3) Adjustability.

And, with the help of major clinical research and their conclusions, we also aim to inform our customers about snoring and sleep apnea and how we aggravate it or make it worse by sleeping on our back; and that drugs, vitamins, lip closing strips, jaw straps, pillows, mattresses help too little or not at all. In fact, some of these products cause major discomfort and may hurt the user.